The installation scripts are not running.
- Please set your execution policy to ‘bypass’ to execute these scripts as they are unsigned. (PS set-executionpolicy bypass)

A VBScript runtime error has occurred: Error: 13 = type mismatch.
- This error occurs when partitions are already defined on the disks you’re trying to install to. When the error displays, press F8. Type DISKPART, SEL DISK 0, CLEAN, EXIT. Reboot the server and your problem should be fixed.

The answerfile is incorrectly formatted.
- This error occurs during the xenserver installation. Mostly it’s because the installation cannot find the answerfile. Make sure the files on your FTProot folder are in place and the management interface¬†MAC addresses correspond with filenames.

Why did you use MDT2012, WDS, IIS?
- We figured these components are stable, work well and are provided with any Windows Server 2008 R2 platform.

Will it work with MDT2010?
- It probably will. But it’s untested.

Will XSDT work with System Center Configurations Manager?
- If you bypass the installer and just import the task sequence and do all the setup manually, it probably will. We did not test it, but we will do so soon!

Why is XSDT free? Where’s the catch?
- We have been through a lot of pain deploying XenServer and are dedicated to saving you the trouble. It’s our contribution to the community.

Will XSDT support XenServer 5.X?
- No. We’ve built on XS 6.02 and move towards future releases. We will not provide backwards compatibility with older versions.

Will XSDT be supported for future releases of XenServer?
- Yes, we certainly hope to do so. But it depends on usage and community adoption. Please provide us with some feedback!

I see some KPN Consulting references. How is XSDT related to KPN Consulting?
- KPN Consulting has generously funded this project without any claims or profit. We suppose it’s just marketing and making us happy developers.